Hello friend!

👇🏻 Your Part 👇🏻

So glad you’re here!  Your help testing out the sign order process and contributing your feedback is appreciated!  I can’t thank you enough.

Below are a few areas I’m hoping to use your feedback to gain some insight into. If you can share your thoughts on these items with me after you place and receive your order, I’d be extremely grateful.

      1. General Flow – Is the order process confusing in any way?
      2. Design Services – Were you able to fully communicate your wishes about the content and style you wanted or was there some missing element or question that would have made that communication easier or more effective? 
      3. File Uploads – If you uploaded a photo or graphic to be used in your design, did you have any trouble with the uploading process?
      4. Checkout – Did everything go smoothly with the checkout and coupon?  Was Free Local Delivery on the list of shipping options once you entered a local (within 25 miles of Lyman, SC) address?
      5. Email Confirmation – Did you receive an email confirmation of your order confirming important details?
      6. Your Order – Were you happy with the design and quality of your order and the speed with which you received it?  (If so, it’d be awesome if you could post a photo and comment on one of the Pixel Mint social media channels -Facebook, Instagram or Twitter- and give us a rating on Facebook.  Thank you!!!)

👇🏻 our Part 👇🏻

Now for the fun part – free stuff! Copy the coupon code FREE2X3 and then click on the peppermint dish below to go directly to banner ordering.  Make sure to paste or type the coupon code FREE2X3 in at checkout for your 100% FREE 3’x2′ Heavy Polyester Fabric Banner with grommets (if desired), Free Design Services, and Free Local Delivery (if you’re in range). If you’re not in local delivery range, no worries, I can ship it to you if you don’t mind paying for shipping.  Also, no matter where you live, please choose 3 Business Days (Free) on the Ready to Ship or Deliver In: selection.

If you’d prefer a different sized banner, a different material, or an entirely different product, you’re welcome to choose that instead, however there may be some price difference to cover since the coupon is for a predetermined amount.  The banner material covered by the coupon, Heavy Matte Polyester Fabric (13mil), is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  You can find descriptions of the various banner materials available here.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out my other services.  If you have upcoming projects or marketing needs, I’d love to be of assistance in any way I can.  Thanks again for your help and enjoy your banner!

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Free 2x3 Banner with Grommets, Design Services & Local Delivery