• Discovery

We’ll talk about your business, target markets, and goals; gather supporting documents and photos; and analyze your existing marketing materials. You’ll be asked to fill out an in-depth questionnaire in order to pinpoint your preferences and determine the appropriate design direction. Then you will be presented with a choice of several design styles and we’ll discuss your available options in detail.

  • Information Architecture

The next step will be to create a flowchart of your web site’s structure, which will serve as a blueprint for its construction. For some projects I also create wireframe sketches of page layouts. These documents will be subject to your input and approval.

  • Photography

If custom photography is needed for your project, we’ll schedule a photo shoot.

  • Graphic Design of Site

Equipped with the above information, I’ll create one or more initial design concepts, then work to revise and refine the design you approve, as necessary.

  • Buildout

During this stage any interactive/database-driven features such as contact forms, event calendars, etc. will be programmed. All content and imagery will be populated. Search Engine Optimization will also be performed during this phase.

  • Quality Assurance

Once the site is done, it will be put through a series of Quality Assurance tests, to make sure it’s ready for public consumption.

  • Launch

At launch time, your site will be made available to the public and monitored to ensure correct operation.

  • Maintenance

If your site will be built with a Content Management System (CMS), this will allow you to perform most content maintenance. However, I remain available to assist you when needed, either on a per-incident or contract basis.